Patented Design
Our patented 45-degree tongue and groove system ensures easy interlocking and a seamless finish, making our panels twice as easy and three times as fast to install compared to traditional methods. This unique feature eliminates the need for caulking, painting, or visible fasteners, transforming a complex process into a straightforward, single-step task.
DIY Friendly
NextStone stands out in the market due to its unparalleled ease of installation and innovative design. Easy installation at twice the speed when compared to competitive faux/alternative stone and rock. Gain the peace-of-mind with a more secure fit to your existing walls, columns, or posts.
Panel Pioneers
At NextStone, we're at the forefront of revolutionizing your living space with cutting-edge insulated faux stone siding. Now, imagine transforming your home's exterior with the impeccable look of natural stone that not only turns heads but also packs a punch in energy savings. 
Durable & Efficient
Our recycled lightweight polyurethane PVC, offers a durable, color-rich, realistic alternative; to real stone without the weight and hassle. Eco-friendly, energy efficient and affordability make our alternative panels a professional and sound choice.
Our Promise
That's our promise to you – top-notch, insulated stone siding panels and accessories designed to not just enhance your home's charm but to also provide a smart, cost-effective way to shield your sanctuary.
Alternative Stone Panels

The DIYer's Dream

Transform your home into a work of art with NextStone’s Insulated Faux Stone Siding. Our panels are not only lightweight and easy to install but also durable and energy-efficient. Manufactured with specially formulated polyurethane combined with fire retardants and UV inhibitors, NextStone provides an authentic-looking, cost-effective alternative to traditional stone and brick veneers.

  • Ultra Light Weight

  • Easy to Install

  • Durable

  • Energy Efficient

  • Fire-Retardant

  • UV Inhibitor

  • Authentic Look with Cost Effective Price Tag


Installation is as easy as it gets!

With NextStone, you can achieve a classic stone look in just a few minutes. There’s no need for hiring masonry installers or skilled laborers. Simply install our insulated faux stone panels with basic hand or power tools. Plus, our patented 45-degree tongue and groove design ensures easy interlocking and a seamless finish. Go from ten steps to a single step with our patented panel system and cut your work in half!

Install NextStone™ siding panels quickly and effortlessly at home using basic tools, eliminating the need for professional installers or heavy equipment. These lightweight, easy-to-manage panels offer a classic stone appearance without the extra cost of materials or labor.

Outlasts Stone and
Stands Up to Fire

NextStone polyurethane panels are ultra-durable, able to withstand the most extreme weather and even fire as aptly as stone. But where they really shine is in their cost and ease of repair. A traditional stone exterior requires repair more often than a Nextstone installation and the cost of repairs can be up to 10X.

NextStone™ panels, lightweight at just 1 pound per square foot and bolstered by recycled PVC, are built tough to resist weathering and endure extreme temperatures, rain, snow, and environmental conditions. Designed to adapt seamlessly to any weather, NextStone™ ensures durability and longevity.

Cut Costs on Energy

Cut costs on your energy bill via better insulation and keeping the elements where they belong, outside!

NextStone™ boosts energy efficiency with an R-Value of 4.5 per inch, enhancing insulation and reducing heating and cooling costs. Its superior resistance to heat transfer makes it an ideal choice for exterior applications, saving you money on energy expenses.

Nextstone Insulated Faux Siding has an R-Value of 4.5

Get the Authentic Look
for 1/10th the price!

Nextstone panels are ultra affordable and can be deployed across multiple mediums both exterior and interior giving you the alacrity to upgrade your home inside and out with a beautiful stone look.

Save big at the checkout, save again by installing it yourself, and save over the long term. You can’t lose with NextStone Savings!

Easy to Maintain

NextStone™ offers hassle-free beauty with low-maintenance exterior siding panels that never need painting, staining, or waterproofing. Just a simple spray down keeps them looking fresh. Engineered with fade-resistant coating, NextStone ensures lasting elegance for years, making it the smart choice for effortless curb appeal.

Reduce Your Impact

NextStone™ champions eco-friendliness by crafting products from recycled materials, avoiding the environmental toll of quarrying and processing natural resources. With NextStone™, enjoy the visual allure of natural or cultured stone without compromising the planet. Our energy-efficient designs not only elevate the aesthetic of any home or building but also contribute to significant energy savings, blending beauty with sustainability.

Imagine your home with elevated curb appeal

Picture your abode, clad in the majesty of stone so real, your neighbors do a double-take – but here’s the twist, installation’s a breeze with our snazzy 45-degree tongue and groove magic. No sweat, no hassle! And the best part? Our sturdy panels of polyurethane concoction, armored with recycled PVC, laugh in the face of fading. Get ready to give your home the everlasting embrace of NextStone durability. Now that’s what we call ‘rock’ solid performance!

Turn your home into a veritable canvas as you wield the paintbrush, transforming its skin into a masterpiece of insulated faux stone luxury. We’re not talking about the plain Jane stone siding here; we’re talking about the Michelangelo of exteriors, the crème de la crème of curb appeal. 

Your Home Transformed

Let’s transform that lovely abode into the envy of the neighborhood.

It’s time to up your home’s game to legendary status with NextStone—where extraordinary is just another day’s work!

Transform any space with NextStone™ Decorative Faux Stone Siding, the versatile choice for everything from window trims and porch pillars to facades and interior accent walls. Whether it’s enhancing your home or workplace, covering existing surfaces, or adding texture and color, NextStone™ has you covered. So, what are homeowners waiting for to elevate their spaces with this easy-to-apply, transformative solution?

Build Your Dream Siding Project

Ordering is as simple as a few clicks. We walk you through the entire process with our handy project builder and automatic calculator. 
  • Select Your Style and Color
  • Input your Square Footage
  • Select the accessories you need
  • Checkout!
We offer a wide array of shipping options and provide samples to ensure color accuracy. To assist you in your installation journey, we’ve created instructional videos that serve as visual guides
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Our Commitment

Nextstone is dedicated to superior product quality and exceptional customer service, ensuring your home’s aesthetic is enhanced with our stonework. Experience unrivaled excellence with Nextstone—where your satisfaction is our priority.

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