Accessories Take-Off Sheet

Updated on April 10, 2024

Sandstone Ledger dimensions are 2 ½” x 4″ x 48″

Configure Horizontal Linear Feet.
Total Linear Feet __ / 4′ = number of pieces of Ledger.
· This accessory is used to trim out the top row and can be used with any rock profile.
Four (4) Ledgers per box.

Sandstone Window/Door Trim dimensions are 2 ¼” x 3 ½” x 48″

Configure Vertical and Horizontal Linear Feet.
Total Linear Feet _ / 4′ = number of pieces of window/door trim.
· Window/Door Trim will be used on all four window sides as well as the top and sides of
door openings and can be used with any rock profile. Four (4) Trim per box.

Sandstone Ledger Outside Corner dimensions are 4 ¼” x 6 ¼” x 2 ½”
Sandstone Ledger Inside Corner dimensions are 9 ¾” x 7 ” x 2 ½”

Ledger Outside and Inside Corners are used to cap corners and show a continuous run of the
Ledger trim piece. Number of pieces depend on number of corners. Two (2) per box,
1 Left / 1 Right.

Metal Starter Strips are in 4′ lengths.

Configure Horizontal Linear Feet of area to be covered.
Total Linear Feet / 4′ =_ number of pieces of starter strip.

  • Used to begin the bottom row, Starter Strips are suggested under each panel in order to avoid
    face screwing.

12oz. Tubes of Grout _. (Depending on project, grout/caulk, may or may not be

Each tube covers ~26 linear feet, and are used for inside corners and sealing.

Touch Up Paint Kit ______.

Random Rock Touch-up Paint Kits contain Four 120 cc bottles of paint, one for each panel
color and 1 trim color, plus 4 brushes.

Brick, Castle Rock, Slatestone, Stacked Stone, Country Ledgestone, and River Rock Touch
Up Paint Kits contain One 120cc and 2 60cc bottles of paint, plus 1 brush.

For more information about our other products reference the Panels Take-Off Sheet and the Corners Take-Off Sheet. The resources is fully downloadable below to print and use for your project.

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