How to prepare wall or surface for installation

Updated on April 8, 2024


All studs must be straight and true to avoid bulges or dips in the finished wall. Correct any bowed studs prior to installation if necessary. Sub-wall assembly must be weather tight before applying NextStone™. NextStone™ accessories alone may not constitute a waterproof installation. Wall sheathing should be weather-resistant, or covered with a weather-resistant barrier such as fanfold insulation, house wrap, or building paper. Independent studies indicate that the combination of a weather resistant barrier plus a house wrap results in improved weather performance. Some building code jurisdictions are currently requiring this protection. sheathing must be properly fastened to the framing according to building code requirements and/or the sheathing manufacturer’s recommendations. NextStone™ should be applied over a sheathing that provides a smooth, flat, solid, non-expansive, stable surface. Flashing and caulking should be added as needed in such areas that transition from NextStone™ to other siding products, windows, and doors to control moisture and protect the sub-wall assembly.


Secure or remove any loose siding material and replace any rotten wood. Scrape off loose caulk and other build-up that may interfere with the NextStone™ installation. Remove all items such as downspouts, light fixtures, vents. etc. in the area to be covered. Install suitable sheathing, as needed, to provide a smooth, flat, and stable surface for the installation of NextStone™ panels. See above information in the New Construction section for additional instructions on sub wall protection and flashing.


A smooth, flat, stable surface is required for proper installation of NextStone™. Concrete, cinder or brick walls may need filling unless they are already in a smooth and flat condition. Uneven walls may require furring strips to provide a flat surface. When applying NextStone™ directly to concrete, cinder, or brick walls, the use of concrete screws (such as Tapcon™) is recommended. Please refer to page 10 for fastener information.

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