Interlocking Outside Corners Installation

Updated on May 16, 2024

All products must be allowed to acclimate; removed from boxes and stored at the
installation site for a minimum of 48 hours. Heat and moisture cause expansion. Best
results are obtained by installing a cool, dry product. NextStone™ does not warrant
against gapping caused by expansion or contraction due to improper installation.

Step 1

After placing the Start Strip, set the outside corner piece
against the corner and down into the strip. Using the screw
guides, place at least 3 screws along the top tongue and 2
screws at the right lap side of the corner where indicated.
(fig. 1)

Step 2

Slide the second corner over the top of the first corner and
attach as indicated above. Continue alternating corners until
desired height is reached. (fig. 2)

Step 3

Interlock the panels working out from each corner. (fig. 3)
Install from Left to Right.

If the length of the wall does not allow the panels to
interlock into the corners at the end of a run, cut the panel
vertically in the middle of the panel to meet the length.

If terminating the run at the right side with alternate trim
pieces, measure the end of the grout line to the accessory
piece and add 1″ if sliding behind a trim piece. Straight cut
the panel and fit behind trim piece or cut the panel flush so
it meets the terminating Accessory.

Step 4

Corners can be capped with a Sandstone Ledger (requires miter cutting) or Sandstone Ledger Outside Corner. (fig. 4)

Step 5

Cut panels and corners around fixtures and other wall protrusions (hose bibs, electrical boxes, dryer vents, etc.) to accommodate NextStone™ Mounting Blocks. See Install instructions on page 23 for details on how to install the mounting blocks.

Note: Interlocking Outside Corners come Four (4) Corners per box (2 Left, 2 Right). Corners are all different patterns. Check for the numbers on the inside of each corner and be sure to alternate left and right corners with each course preventing possible pattern repetition.

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