Mounting Blocks Installation

Updated on April 10, 2024

Step 1

Looking at the back side of the mounting block, measure both the length and height of the rectangular pre-formed block on either the Large or Small Mounting Block.

Step 2

Transfer these measurements to the back of the panel needing the cut out and mark. Mounting blocks can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Step 3

Using the rectangle you drew on the back of the panel as a cutting guide, cutout the panel. Install the cutout panel using standard Installation guides.

Note: On the back side of the mounting block you will see a pre-formed area molded into the block. The Large Mounting Block has a circular area for round outlet boxes. The Small Mounting Block has a pre-formed areas for plumbing rough-ins, single and double outlet boxes, and round fixture cutouts.

Step 4

Determine which cut out and what size is appropriate. Drill a hole on the side of the cut out area to use as a starting point. Cut the pattern on the block using a saber saw. Always cut from the back of the mounting block to avoid marring the front surface of the mounting block. If necessary, use a wood rasp to fine tune the cutout.

Step 5

Apply caulk and/or adhesive to the back of the mounting block to seal between the mounting block and the panel. Put the mounting block in place and attach with 3″ screws. Place screws where they will be concealed by the cover plate of the fixture.

Step 6

Attach electrical boxes to the face of the cover plate as indicated. Install the fixture and it’s cover plate. Caulk around fixture as needed.

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