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Updated on July 19, 2024

All products must be allowed to acclimate; remove from boxes and store at the
installation site for a minimum of 48 hours. Heat and moisture cause expansion. Best results are obtained by installing a cool, dry product. NextStone™ does not warrant against gapping caused by expansion or contraction due to improper installation.

Step 1

Metal Starter Strip – Determine at what height above grade level you want the panel to sit. Measure up 2 ½” to 3″ from that point and strike a level line. (fig. 1)
*See for more specific Starter Strip install instructions.

Figures 1-2

Step 2

Determine which type of wall installation is required and follow the steps provided below:

A) Paneling the wall using Sandstone Window Door Trim as termination pieces
on both ends

Install Sandstone Window and Door Trim (WDT) to both ends of the wall working left to right. Insert panel into starter strip and slide behind WDT. Using the screw indicator marks on the top and right end tongues of panel, (fig. 2) firmly fit the next panel into the first panel and repeat to the end of the course. Cut the right end of the final panel to fit behind WDT. Use the left over cut piece to start the next course to avoid a vertical seam at final cut on each course. Screw panels into existing substrate.

B) Paneling the wall using Sandstone Window Door Trim as a termination piece with a panel corner

Dry fit the first corner into the starter strip. Secure with screws if necessary. Dry fit panels tightly against corner and across the wall. Cut the left end of the final panel to fit behind the Window Door Trim. Repeat each course.

Figures 3-6

C) Paneling the wall using Interlocking Outside Corners

When there are 4 outside corners with no break in the wall (no window or door opening), panels may need be cut to fit the length of the wall. On each course, work from left to right and dry fit Panels and Corners. Decide on each course which panel to cut to avoid a vertical seam. Measure from the rock edge on the right side of the left panel to the left edge of the right panel (fig. 3). Cut the final panel to this length. (Stagger the placement of the cut panels up the wall to avoid verticals line.) After cutting the panel, lightly rasp the top of the cut edge to smooth the edge and blend it with the rocks of the next panel (fig 4). (Touch up any exposed Polyurethane edges with a NextStone™ Touch Up Paint Kit and Grout) (fig. 5). Slide in the final panel and attach (fig. 6).

D) Paneling an Accent Wall Corner to Corner

Straight cut first panel on the left to fit flush against the left wall. The final panel in the course will need to be cut to fit properly flush to the “right” wall. Use the off cut panel to begin the second course at the left. Repeat this method to complete your wall.

Important Installation Tips!

Drive the first screw on the right hand side of the panel at a 45 degree
angle and to the left in order to tighten the panel into adjacent panel, corner or wall.

Visit the NextStone™ Classroom to see the video.

Each panel is numbered on the back. Stagger the placement of each panel and cut panels to avoid vertical lines or repetitious patterns.

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