Sandstone Flush Outside Corner Installation

Updated on May 17, 2024

Step 1

Install moisture barrier. Flush mounted corners can allow
moisture infiltration between the panel and the corner. A moisture barrier may be required behind the panels and corner extending a minimum of 4″ from either side of the corner. A self-adhering flashing membrane such as Grace Vycor® is recommended.

Step 2

Flush mounted outside corners are 4′ tall. The placement of the corners will depend on how the top of the corner is terminated. For applications over 48″ in height, the corner pieces can be stacked with the final corner cut to the required height.
For wainscot applications, the corner can be capped with a ledger attached to the tongue of the
top panel and cut with a compound miter at a 45° angle, or a Ledger Outside Corner can be used.
The top of the corner should be placed 2″ below the top of the tongue on the top panel.

Step 3

The corner has screw guides or dimples to help position the screws using the correct angle. There are also screw guides along the sides. All screws are installed at an angle and at a location where they will be concealed. Install two screws through the top and at least 4 on each side. Good quality
exterior screws, #6 or #8 x 2 ½” are recommended.

Step 4

Install the remaining accessories and finish the panels. The joints between the panels and the corner must be caulked using a good quality caulk or textured grout to make a water-tight installation.

Note: Sandstone Accessories are universal and can be used with all panel profiles

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