Slatestone Post Cover Cap Installation

Updated on May 23, 2024

Step 1

Attach the cap by applying adhesive around the top surface of the post. (fig. 1)

Step 2

Apply adhesive on the inside of the Post Cap along the inside ledge. (fig. 2)


Installing Rail Mounts

Rail Mounts must be purchased separately. NextStone™ does not manufacture Rail Mounts.

Step 1

After locating the desired height of the railing and securely attaching the mounts, (see note on previous page), measure up on the outside of the post cover and select the spot to place the landing. In this example, Trex ™ universal mounts are used. When the landing location is selected, dry fit the landing on the rock surface. Using a carpenter knife or chisel, cut out the high points of the rock surface to achieve a smooth and flat surface. (fig. 1-4)


Step 2

Using 3″ deck screws minimum, attach the mount to the post screwing through the Post and into the landing. (fig. 5)


Note: Finish the job using NextStone™ Textured Grout and Touch Up Paint to cover any space around the mountings and to hide all screw heads.

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