Tools Needed for Install

Updated on April 8, 2024


Always wear safety glasses for eye protection. Wearing a dust mask is recommended.


Any wood cutting saw with a fine tooth steel or carbide tip blade. (NextStone™ does not dull blades and does not require a special blade). 4′ level, tape measure, chalk line, power or cordless drill with 4″ bits or extension, framing square or speed square, jigsaw or saber saw, wood rasp, and caulking gun.


For exterior applications, good quality deck screws or stainless steel screws are recommended. Concrete applications require mechanical fasteners such as Tapcon™ and possibly an adhesive for additional support (adhesive is not required for installation). The length of the screw will vary depending on the panel thickness or accessory piece being installed. Verify length under section specific to product being installed. Using the screw guide points on the panel screw hems, screw through the substrate and into a stud when practical, with a minimum of 6 screws per panel and a screw no less than 1″ from each end of the tongue as well as in the bottom right corner of the tongue. Plumbers tape is used to install outside corners (non flush). Allow 1 roll for 4 outside corners.


The use of adhesives is optional, however they may allow for an easier installation process in certain small applications. NextStone™ recommends the use of a good quality polyurethane adhesive such as PL Premium Construction Adhesive by Loctite. Most construction based adhesives are not compatible with polyurethane and should never be used. The surface where the adhesive is to be applied must be sanded and cleaned prior to applying the adhesive in a vertical application. If using an adhesive other than those NextStone™ recommends, testing on a panel prior to beginning an installation is advised.

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