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  • What is NextStone made of?

    NextStone™ is made of a composite Polyurethane, reinforced with recyled PVC for durability. It is mixed with UV inhibitors and fire retardants. All panels and accessories are created with a proprietary in-mold coating to prevent fading, then hand painted with an exterior durable paint.

  • Can NextStone be installed on brick?

    Absolutlely! Ensure you are using a screw appropriate for the type of substrate on which the product is being placed. Also, make sure that the surface is flat enough for the interlocking finger joints to properly slot together for a seamless appearance. 

  • Can the Panels and Accessories be cut?

    Absolutely! Panels and accessories are very easily cut with any standard saw you would use on wood.

  • Can NextStone be installed around a fireplace opening?

    Yes! If you have a gas or electrical fireplace, the product can be installed up to the opening.

    NextStone products are designated as nonflammable.

    If you have a wood burning, open hearth fireplace, the product must be installed with a set-back maintained ast least the distance recommended for wood products. All manufacturers differentiate this in the use of products in their installation guidelines. Check with the manufacturer of your fireplace. For a free standing wood burning stove, it is recommended to have NextStone installed at least 24" inches away.

  • Can the NextStone panels be installed onto foundation? Cement? Cinder Block?

    Most Certainly!

    Installing NextStone requires the panels and accessories to be screwed on any flush substrate. This application is no different than attaching the panels onto cement or cinder.

    Strong cement screws are needed is the only difference.

    Standard or Stainless Steal Tapcon screws are the most popular used.

    The use of Plywood or OSB board onto the cement then NextStone onto the board, is also a popular way of securing the panels.

    Watch how to install onto concrete in the Video Gallery section of this website!

  • Expansion & Contraction?

    Although Polyurethane has minimal expansion and contraction, it is recommended to acclimate the NextStone™ panels to even further minimalize any movement once they are installed. To acclimate the panels, simply open the box and let them "breath". No need to remove panels from the box and make sure this is done in a covered area such as a garage. Acclimate for 24-48 hours. During installation, make sure to install panels and components tightly together. See NextStone™ classroom videos for installation tips. 

  • Can an adhesive be used on the NextStone?

    Any Polyurethane adhesive, such as PL Premium Construction Adhesive by Loctite, can be used with the NextStone product.

    Over time, adhesive may wear or deteriorate, therefore installing with screws is the best recommended.

  • Are the NextStone Post Cover Caps and Column Wrap Caps different?

    They sure are!

    The Slatestone Post Covers are specifically for covering 4x4 or 6x6 deck posts, fence posts, porch posts etc. They are 8" x 8" x 41" and have specific caps to go with them. The caps are called Post Cover Caps and are 10.5" x 10.5" x 3.5". The Post Cover Caps come in Sandstone colors: Brown, Buff, Charcoal, Gray, Graphite, Onyx, Red.

    The Slatestone Column Wraps can be used in any column application such as a base of a post or large structural columns. They are 16" x 16" x 30" and have specific Sandstone caps to go with them. The caps are called Sandstone 18" Caps and are 18" x 18" x 3.5". The caps come in Sandstone colors: Brown, Buff, Charcoal, Gray, Graphite, Onyx, Red.

  • Can NextStone be installed in showers?

    Yes! A vapor barrier will be needed to protect to the wall from possible moisture. The panels have recessed air chambers and weep channels on the backs of them so if any water does get behind them, it will drain out.

    Soap scum can be cleaned with mild dish soap and soft brush.

    Some chose to put a clear coat on the panels and that is ok as long as it is compatible with Polyurethane and latex paint.

  • How does NextStone standup to Woodpeckers?

    Woodpecker problems are not common with the NextStone product although there have been a few instances in areas where woodpeckers are prevalent.

    Although durable, constant pecking in a particular area with a sharp beak, or any sharp instrument for that matter, can cause damage to the finish and eventually go through the entire thickness of the panel. Although NextStone is extremely durable to the elements, nothing short of real stone can stand in the way of a motivated woodpecker.

    If you live in an area where Woodpeckers are problematic, please contact our office for helpful installation hints to assist in deterring the birds from wanting to peck.

    You can also visit these sites that provide additional information and ideas to help keep them away:

  • Can a clear coat sealant be used on the NextStone panels?

    Yes! Sometimes applying a clear coat to help protect the panels from grease splatter behind a kitchen stove is recommended. NextStone recommends a Polyurethane Clear Coat. Using a Polyurethane Clear Coat will not void the NextStone Product Warranty but NextStone is not responsible for any chalking or discoloration caused by the Polyurethane Clear Coat. 

  • Can mice chew through NextStone?

    Unfortunately, yes.

    Mice can chew through wood, plastic, vinyl, aluminum and even concrete if it's not cured properly. Steel wool is about the only thing those cute little pesky rodents can't chew through.

  • Can NextStone be installed on a metal building?

    Yes! When installing on metal buildings, a backer board can be used as a sold substrate to allow all screws to attach properly.

    The backer board or OSB should be at minimum ½" thick. This board needs to be attached securely to the building using a construction adhesive and screws. It may be necessary to bolt the screws down to avoid the panels and/or backerboard pulling away from the corrugated siding.

    Use appropriate weather proof substrate or sheathing as per local codes.

    Then proceed as per normal installation instructions.

  • What is the R-Value of Nextstone?

    NextStone™ has an R-Value of 4.5 per inch of thickness when used for exterior applications. This additional insulation will help reduce energy costs by naturally decreasing heating and cooling functions. 

  • Can the NextStone product be recoated/ painted ?

    Yes, all NextStone products can be recoated but because of the "mold release agent" on the outer surface of the products, each piece must be prepared accordingly. The surface must be wiped down with a soft bristle brush or clean cloth. Paint primer is not required, but if you choose to use a primer it must be compatible with polyurethane products. In addition, we recommend using Sherwin Williams Flat Latex A100 Water-based paint.

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