Castle Rock Onyx Interlocking Matching Outside Corner

Five Available Colors   |   L 11 x W 7 x H 15.25 (inches)

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Enhance your home’s cohesion and overall visual appeal with the Castle Rock Onyx Interlocking Corner. This is a necessary accessory to our Castle Rock Panel, designed to flawlessly complement the Castle Rock panel range. These matching corners come in six striking colors —to ensure a seamless and polished finish that elevates the aesthetic of your space.

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Product Details and Specifications

Canadian distributor of Nextstone™



NextStone offers two corner solutions for your installations:

Patented Interlocking Corners.

Designed for a precise fit with specific Rock Profiles.

Sandstone Flush Corners.

Universally fitting and readily available for immediate use in creating seamless transitions.

The Interlocking Corners enhance structural integrity and visual appeal, while the Flush Corners are efficient in concealing exposed panel cuts. Your selection should align with project specifications and aesthetic goals.


Tips & Troubleshooting

Installing on Metal or Metal Building

When installing on metal buildings, a backer board can be used as a sold substrate to allow all screws to attach properly.

The backer board or OSB should be at minimum ½” thick. This board needs to be attached securely to the building using a construction adhesive and screws. It may be necessary to bolt the screws down to avoid the panels and/or backerboard pulling away from the corrugated siding.

Use appropriate weather proof substrate or sheathing as per local codes. Then proceed as per normal installation instructions.

To streamline the ordering process for adding faux rock panels to your home’s facade, our website employs an intuitive bottom navigation system. This user-friendly feature guides you through each necessary step, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

From selecting the style and color of your panels to specifying dimensions and any additional installation accessories, our bottom navigation makes it easy to customize your order to fit your home’s unique needs.

This thoughtful design element empowers users to confidently make informed decisions, creating a seamless shopping experience from start to finish.

Installation Demo

Garden Wall Install Demo

Faux Stone Siding and Trim Install

Tips on a Tight Panel Install

Mitering NextStone Panel Corners

Installing Panels on COncrete

Experience the revolution in home improvement with NextStone™ Insulated Stone Siding Panels—a seamless blend of style and innovation in exterior and interior design. Each panel is crafted from a blend of specially formulated polyurethane combined with fire retardants and UV inhibitors, offering a strikingly authentic stone appearance. Our pioneering development from 1997, protected by a US design patent, delivers the most genuine faux stone siding look available on the market today.

The advanced design of NextStone siding panels makes installation a breeze, empowering homeowners with the ability to enhance their homes without the need for skilled laborers. Each easily manageable, lightweight panel weighs merely about 1 lb./sq. ft., eliminating the hassle of heavy lifting and intensive labor. From the exterior of your home to an elegant interior decorative wall, NextStone delivers quality and versatility.

NextStone’s patented design, featuring a 45-tongue and groove system, interlocks each corner seamlessly, negating the need for visible fasteners or tedious caulking and painting of screw heads and joints. With less hardware needed, your installation process is simplified, and the finished look is flawlessly clean. The robust, lightweight polyurethane corners are further enhanced with recycled PVC, guaranteeing durability and an in-mold coating to minimize fading.

Shaped from natural stone, every corner exhibits rich textures and deep colors for a truly authentic stone appearance. Not only will your home look grand, but you will also enjoy the added benefit of increased insulation value—a testament to energy savings and practicality. NextStone products are not only aesthetically pleasing but are backed by green certification.

For your convenience, orders ship the same or next day for swift delivery, ensuring that your project is not delayed. To know exactly what to expect, samples are available through the NextStone website along with numerous instructional videos to guide your installation process. Just to note, one box of four corners covers around 5.16 linear feet of your project area.

Please note, while we strive for precision in our product representations, actual product colors may vary due to the lithographic process and environmental lighting. It’s wise to consult product samples for the most accurate color assessment. NextStone maintains the right to make adjustments to its product line, and all sizes and coverage estimates are approximations. With NextStone, you invest in a durable, low-maintenance, and aesthetically enchanting choice for your home.


Our Commitment

Nextstone is dedicated to superior product quality and exceptional customer service, ensuring your home’s aesthetic is enhanced with our stonework. Experience unrivaled excellence with Nextstone—where your satisfaction is our priority.

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