Country Ledgestone Panel Appalachian Gray

Five Available Colors   |   43.5w x 15.5h in

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With our interlocking-system easily attach additional panels using considerably less fasteners or screws
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Tips & Troubleshooting

Installing on Metal or Metal Building

When installing on metal buildings, a backer board can be used as a sold substrate to allow all screws to attach properly.

The backer board or OSB should be at minimum ½” thick. This board needs to be attached securely to the building using a construction adhesive and screws. It may be necessary to bolt the screws down to avoid the panels and/or backerboard pulling away from the corrugated siding.

Use appropriate weather proof substrate or sheathing as per local codes. Then proceed as per normal installation instructions.

To streamline the ordering process for adding faux rock panels to your home’s facade, our website employs an intuitive bottom navigation system. This user-friendly feature guides you through each necessary step, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

From selecting the style and color of your panels to specifying dimensions and any additional installation accessories, our bottom navigation makes it easy to customize your order to fit your home’s unique needs.

This thoughtful design element empowers users to confidently make informed decisions, creating a seamless shopping experience from start to finish.

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Faux Stone Siding and Trim Install

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Mitering NextStone Panel Corners

Installing Panels on COncrete

Introducing the NextStone™ Insulated Stone Siding Panels: the pinnacle of aesthetic design fused with practical innovation. Each lightweight panel, molded from real stone patterns and weighing roughly 1 lb. per sq. ft., is manufactured with a groundbreaking mix of specially formulated polyurethane, fire retardants, and UV inhibitors. This offers homeowners the authentic look of traditional stonework without the need for professional installation. Developed in 1997 and holding a U.S. design patent, our unique manufacturing process results in the most authentic faux stone siding available on the market. The patented interlocking design ensures seamless assembly while reducing installation time—no need to fasten the bottom edge means fewer screws and no visible fasteners. These eco-friendly, durable panels are not just for exterior facades but can also add a touch of class as an interior decorative wall panel. Enjoy increased insulation, energy savings, and the convenience of same-day shipping for a fast transformation of your living space. With NextStone, upgrade your home with confidence and ease, ensuring a sustainable, resilient, and alluring finish. A beautiful cascade of tightly knit slate alternative stone, the Country Ledgestone Appalchian Gray Panel series brings detail and luxury to any and every face adorned with these gorgeous panels. Polyurethane panel collection, available in a variety of natural hues, including Brunswick Brown, Midnight Ash, Pewter, Onyx, Rundle Ridge, and Sahara. Each color is meticulously crafted to emulate the intricate textures and tones of real slate, adding timeless elegance to your home. Measures 15.5 in. height x 43.5 in. width x 1 1/2  in. depth.


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Nextstone is dedicated to superior product quality and exceptional customer service, ensuring your home’s aesthetic is enhanced with our stonework. Experience unrivaled excellence with Nextstone—where your satisfaction is our priority.

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